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agLean Master Class Brings Lean Efficiency Principles to the Farm

“Lean principles are a set of five steps that can apply into any process, whether it’s a manufacturing process, a business process, or an on-farm process,” explains agLean program coordinator Rob Hannam. “The agLean Master Class really shows how these principles can be successfully applied to farm operations to identify and eliminate the root causes of waste that are often overlooked.”

Why Producers Need To Assess Their Farms For Biosecurity

On-farm biosecurity usually brings to mind protecting animals from disease. But crops are just as vulnerable to pests that can devastate an entire year’s work in short order. That’s why assessing the ways insects, fungus, viruses, bacteria, weeds and other threats can get into, move around and leave your operation is a wise first step to securing your farm’s future.


Grey Ag Services is mapping the growth of Wild Chervil in Grey County!  If you have Wild Chervil on your property, we want to know.  Please call, or stop by our office to add your property to the map.  The first step in eliminating this weed is awareness!!

Eradicate Wild Chervil in Grey County!

Wild Chervil is an aggressive, noxious weed that has become a serious concern in GreyCounty. It is difficult to control, spreads quickly and smothers out all other vegetation.


Ontario Agriculture Producers Gain Competitive Edge

OSCIA Announces Updates for Growing Forward 2

Ontario farmers are better able to grow their profits, expand their markets and manage risks with help from the governments of Canada and Ontario under the five-year Growing Forward 2 (GF2) program.

OSCIA GF2 Update



Creating a positive perception of Canadian agriculture is a big job that can’t be done by a few people. Ag More Than Ever is an industry-driven cause that needs all of us to work together – from corporations and associations to farms and individuals.



AgPal is a web-based discovery tool developed by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC) to help producers and others in the agriculture and agri-business sector find the federal, provincial and territorial programs and services that specifically apply to them. Click logo or

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