“A Resource Centre for the Local
Agricultural Community”.

Service Provided

“I have a question, and I was told Grey Ag would know the answer.....”

The staff at Grey Ag Services are proud to say that over the past thirteen years, more and more, this is the opening line of many of the calls or visits to the office. Unprecedented challenge and uncertainty has hit the agricultural community in Grey County and across Ontario in a series of waves since the inception of Grey Ag Services. Whether it was the severe pressures of BSE, the challenges of poor grain prices, changing costs of fertilizers, fuel  or the fluctuating commodity prices, Grey Ag Services has become a “one stop shop” for answers, direction, referrals, guidance, as well as a strong voice of understanding and support. OMAFRA publications and fact sheets are available at Grey Ag Services. The Ag Centre recognizes that one of their most important roles is to get the required information into the farmer’s hands as efficiently as possible and many times they have been complimented for going far beyond the call of duty, as they strive to deliver on their mandate.

Grey Ag Services inspires to educate and create a much broader awareness by coordinating: the very insightful Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week (7 day event); the annual winter course program that addresses timely issues; and two annual Ontario Forage Council conferences. The success of these programs is a testament to the skill and organizational abilities of the centre. The centre also coordinates quarterly Georgian Central Soil and Crop Improvement Association newsletters, and Forage Council’s Think Green Newsletters. Grey Ag Services strengthen these organization’s voices, which advocate good forage management and crop rotation. Grey Ag Services has also taken the initiative to publish the Grey County Rural Guide that lists all of the organization’s executive contact information in an effort to promote networking between the various organizations and municipalities.

Another example of the Ag Centres’ commitment to local organizations can be exemplified by the initiation of the Grey County 4H - Printer Cartridge Recycling Program. Since the inception of the program, the Ag Centre, with the support of local agribusiness and farmers, over $1600.00 has been presented for this worthwhile cause.



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